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Winterizing Your Home and Upstate Pest Control Tips
Winterizing Your Home and Upstate Pest Control Tips

Winter is just around the corner and so are unwanted pests. Soon they will be looking for a way in your home to stay warm. Your Greenville pest control company, MDE Pest Control suggests taking preventative action to keep your home pest free. Read more about winterizing your home and Upstate pest control tips.

Upstate Pest Control Tip 1:  Store Shoes in Plastic Containers

Have you ever slipped on your shoe during the winter and found that an unwanted pest has made it their home? It is common for spiders to hide in your shoes because this is a secure environment to build their home. Before storing away your shoes place them in a plastic container to keep those unwanted pests out.

Upstate Pest Control Tip 2:  Seal Your Doors & Windows

It is important to make sure doors and windows are properly sealed to keep unwanted pest out. A majority of unwanted pests can sneak in through a hole as big as a dime. Keep them out of your house by making sure all doors and windows are properly sealed!

Upstate Pest Control Tip 3: Keep Storage Boxes off the Floor

One of the first places mice try to hide is in your storage boxes. It is important to regularly check the boxes to see if any gnaw marks or fecal droppings are present.  By moving boxes off the floor you are able to reduce the ability for rodents to build a shelter.

Upstate Pest Control Tip 4:  Store Food in Airtight Containers

With all the delicious holiday food you want to make sure you are storing it in the best way. Using airtight containers will keep your leftovers safe as well as the unwanted pests and insects out! Be proactive and use airtight containers so mice cannot feast on your leftovers and possibly contaminate them with diseases they could carry.

Upstate Pest Control Tip 5: Vacuum Regularly

Cockroaches love to make home in small areas around food and moisture. To help discourage them from staying, vacuum your home regularly.

Upstate Pest Control Tip 6:  Inspect the Outside of Your Home

Rodents can easily make their way into your home if the exterior isn’t secure. It is important to inspect the outside of your home for any cracks in the exterior that can be an opening to rodents. If you do find a crack or opening, be sure to fill it in right away. Don’t put this task off. 

Upstate Pest Control Tip 7: Keep Trash Bins in an Enclosed Area

It’s not only important to make sure everything inside is sealed, it is important to make sure all trash can lids are properly closed and in an enclosed area so that animals can’t get in.

Upstate Pest Control Tip 8:  Keep Firewood Outside

We all love a warm fire. But did you know that bringing firewood into your home can bring in all the unwanted pests inside too? Even leaning firewood against your house can give pests a bridge into your warm home. We recommend keeping firewood roughly 20 feet away from your house.

Upstate Pest Control Tip 9:  Inspect Stored Boxes for Damage

With Christmas approaching its time to bring the boxes from the attic or garage inside. It is important to check the boxes for any openings and signs that there are unwanted pests hiding in there.

Upstate Pest Control Tip 10:  Keep Your Counters Clean

Keep your counters clean by wiping them down. When unwanted pests come into your warm home, they start looking for food. The crumbs on your counter can be a delicious food source for them.

Do you still notice insects and unwanted pests after trying these pest control tips? Contact your Greenville pest control company, MDE Pest Control today. We will be happy to discuss our prevention plans with you.

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