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Why Are Ants in My Kitchen?
Why Are Ants in My Kitchen?

Unfortunately almost every homeowner has to deal with ants at one point or another. Whether you see the ants crawling across your kitchen counter or floor. So you set out to get rid of them, but do you even know what type of ant you are fighting? How can you be sure they are out of your home for good if you do not know what kind they are!

There are four common household ants known for infesting your kitchen; the Black ant, the Pharaoh ant, the Odorous house ant, and the Argentine ant. All four of these ants are extremely tiny and known for how they work together.

Ants are often drawn to your kitchen because of their keen sense of smell. They are able to smell potential food sources quickly, especially if there are any crumbs on the kitchen floor or traces of spilled beverages. The kitchen is also a place where water is frequently available. Even with the smallest leak or a dishwasher that does not always dry can become the perfect place for ants to set up shop. It is good practice to clean your sink thoroughly and run your garbage disposal daily and long enough to ensure that the food has been ground up and flushed from the system.

Even after you have taken all the right steps to prevent an ant infestation, sometimes they still reappear. When this happens call in the Greenville pest control experts. Here at MDE Pest Control, we are here to help you live without any pests in or around your home.  Give us a call today at 864.877.6815 or email to reclaim your kitchen.

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