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  • Bed Bug Services
    Bed Bug Services

    Over the past decade, bed bugs have become a real problem all across America. Pest control companies like MDE Pest Control have added additional bed bug services to help combat this rise in bed bug infestations. MDE Pest Control has been providing pest control for more than 4 decades in ...

  • Spring Pests Hotspots
    Spring Pests Hotspots

    Spring is here we are all anxious to be able to open the windows and put away all the winter clothing for good. We aren’t the only ones excited for spring, so are spring pests! When the sun comes up the insects will crawl out of their winter hiding places. ...

  • Ever Wonder Where Pests Spend the Winter?
    Ever Wonder Where Pests Spend the Winter?

    There are so many things we love about wintertime. The fuzzy sweaters, hot drinks, and cool air. Have you ever thought about where bugs spend their winter months?  Well, different pests have different ways of surviving the winter months.  Some insects in their earliest stage of life will survive the ...

  • Winterizing Your Home and Upstate Pest Control Tips
    Winterizing Your Home and Upstate Pest Control Tips

    Winter is just around the corner and so are unwanted pests. Soon they will be looking for a way in your home to stay warm. Your Greenville pest control company, MDE Pest Control suggests taking preventative action to keep your home pest free. Read more about winterizing your home and ...

  • Mosquito Free Summer
    Mosquito Free Summer

    We all know the struggle of summer time with wanting to be outside as much as possible ,but feeling like you are being attacked by mosquitoes every time you step outside. Follow these simple tips on how to limit the mosquitoes in your back yard. Reduce and Limit Mosquito Breeding ...

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