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Mosquito Free Summer
Mosquito Free Summer

We all know the struggle of summer time with wanting to be outside as much as possible ,but feeling like you are being attacked by mosquitoes every time you step outside. Follow these simple tips on how to limit the mosquitoes in your back yard.

Reduce and Limit Mosquito Breeding Grounds

Adult mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water. By taking the time to pour out water from empty pots and areas where water has gathered after a rain storm will help prevent mosquitoes from taking over. We also suggest that you change the water frequently in containers that hold water, ie. bird baths, potted plants and fountains. If you have a pool be sure to keep the water circulating and treated.

Citronella Candles & Torches

You can find these torches and candles at a majority of stores to help with mosquito problems. When lit, the citronella candles and torches keep the backyard looking fun while providing a temporary mosquito free zone in the immediate area.

Mosquito Control with MDE Pest Control

Lastly, the best thing you can do when losing a battle to mosquitoes is contacting MDE Pest Control. We are here to help you! Our team of professionals is always ready to discuss our plans and find the best treatment for your yard so you can enjoy the rest of your summer with less mosquitoes and more friends!

If you are interested in having your yard treated for mosquitoes, what are you waiting for?  Contact our team today.

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