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Ever Wonder Where Pests Spend the Winter?
Ever Wonder Where Pests Spend the Winter?

There are so many things we love about wintertime. The fuzzy sweaters, hot drinks, and cool air. Have you ever thought about where bugs spend their winter months?  Well, different pests have different ways of surviving the winter months. 

Some insects in their earliest stage of life will survive the cold weather by digging deep into the ground. The woolly worm will spend the winter by staying warm in the ground before emerging to grow into an adult in the spring.

A few pests have been known to lay their eggs underground. Even some insects mimic human traits. When we are cold, we wrap ourselves in blankets.  However the silkworm will cover itself in a paper-like cocoon.

Other insects such as the Monarch butterflies will transition to warmer climates by flying south.

And finally there are insects that will sleep through the winter months. They begin their hibernation by finding warm and dry areas to sleep without feeling the cold effects of winter which is why winterizing your home is important. Sometimes these hibernating animals realize your home is the warmest area. Stacks of firewood, leaf litter and brush piles are attractive to insects. In no time, insects wake up with higher temperatures and before you know it your space is alive again. The colder the temperature is, the fewer bugs survive. 

With this being said it is important to contact your licensed Greenville pest control company, MDE Pest Control if you believe you have unwanted guests.

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