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Celebrate a Pest Free Thanksgiving
Celebrate a Pest Free Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching it is time to begin to start planning all the Thanksgiving festivities. But no one wants pests to be on the invite list. To keep unwanted pests and bugs out of your home try these five tips and celebrate a pest free Thanksgiving!

Take Out the Trash

We always have trash but with any party comes more trash! Take the time to stay on top of it by taking the trash out throughout the evening. Overflowing trash is unsightly as well as a magnet to unwanted pests and insects.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

A mess is bound to happen with all the Thanksgiving cooking going on. Even though it is easy to leave your ingredients and dirty dishes on the counter or in the sink, this is a way of inviting unwanted pests into your home. Clean up as you go along. Not only does this make clean up easier, but also eliminates crumbs that roaches will be looking for to snack on.

Cover it Up

We all love the spread of food sitting on the table. However, this is just as attractive to mice, ants, and fruit flies. To make sure unwanted pests are not eating, cover the food if you aren’t at the table. This will also help keep the food warm before your company sits down at the table.

Store Leftovers

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is the leftovers! If you do not properly store them, you may not be the only one eating the leftovers. Be sure to properly store all leftovers in airtight containers or wrap it in tinfoil.

Get Ahead

To make sure your home is pest free this Thanksgiving, email or give your Greenville pest control company a call now! Our experienced team is ready to deal with any unwanted pests (ants, stink bugs, spiders, cockroaches, small rodents) you may have and make sure they won’t be on your guest list this Thanksgiving!

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