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5 Tips for Stopping Stink Bugs
5 Tips for Stopping Stink Bugs

Stink bugs! Those pesky brown bugs that omit an awful odor when scared or crushed. Where did they come from? Until 1996, there was not a single stink bug sighting in America. They settled in South Carolina in 2011 and they are here to stay. Not to worry! We are here to help with 5 tips for stopping stink bugs.

Eliminate Points of Entry

Stink bugs slip into spaces 3mm wide finding warmth on cool spring nights. Check all screens. Replace any with holes or tears  Look over doors and windows. Caulk spaces with cracks. Remember, a small crack to you looks like home to a stink bug. Seal them up!  

Take Away Their Food Supply

Stink bugs have to eat, and they can find an excellent feast at your home! Seal trash bags, and empty them often. Keep outdoor garbage can as far from your home as possible. Keep food in airtight containers. Home gardens are amazing! Unfortunately, stink bugs think so too. Place your garden as far from the house as possible.

Cut Off Water Sources   

Stink bugs need water. Make sure there is no moisture build up around your home. Check for leaking pipes and faucets, as well as clogged drains. If you have a basement that holds moisture, consider a dehumidifier. This will help with stink bugs, and that musty smell!

Minimize Light Sources

To stink bugs, light = warmth.They will flock towards it. Use natural light as late as possible. When dark, shut blinds and curtains, and reduce the amount of porch and landscape lighting. 

Watch What you Bring Indoors

Did you use a blanket at a picnic? Did your child wear a sweatshirt out to play only to discard it? Stink bugs will cling to soft material. Before bringing anything indoors, shake it thoroughly so stinky little fellows don’t catch a ride inside your home!

If you already have an invasion of these pesky bugs, turn to the professionals. MDE Pest Control will work hard to rid your property of unwanted insects and the stink bugs for good! Want to learn more about stink bug services and pricing? Visit our website for more information.

Contact us to learn more about our stink bug prevention and control procedure.

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