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  • Bed Bug Services
    Bed Bug Services

    Over the past decade, bed bugs have become a real problem all across America. Pest control companies like MDE Pest Control have added additional bed bug services to help combat this rise in bed bug infestations. MDE Pest Control has been providing pest control for more than 4 decades in ...

  • COVID-19 Client Update
    COVID-19 Client Update

    In response to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, we wanted to share the extra measures we have made internally to minimize any risk to customers and employees. We have implemented the following: We will double our hand sanitation before and after each service. We will wear gloves during all ...

  • Spring Pests Hotspots
    Spring Pests Hotspots

    Spring is here we are all anxious to be able to open the windows and put away all the winter clothing for good. We aren’t the only ones excited for spring, so are spring pests! When the sun comes up the insects will crawl out of their winter hiding places. ...

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